‘You learn something New!’

Big Hello and Welcome to The Boutique’s Blog!!

The first day of my Blog at The Boutique (Wedding Hair and Make up)  Hence the title of today’s as I’ m  new to all this. Let’s say I’m much more Artistic than Computer whizz, which is helpful as I am a Wedding Hair and Make up Artist!

I have deliberated the way to go and how I wanted to write my ‘Blog’ I felt I would like to not bore you and go on about me, me, me.. (Anything that you don’t find in my website on introductions that you would like to know please ask!) 

 I would like to open the ‘Blog’ out to all my ‘Brides’ and ‘Brides to be’ in a Forum style for you all to link up, corrospond, and chitter chatter about the fabulousness (or not so fabulousness?) of being or becoming a Bride. Your ‘Top tips’ can be shared and you can gain a insight into what other Brides are doing and what they are going through in an informal way that will hopefully give you some good ideas, guidance and maybe comfort that many Brides do worry about the same thing (My note, nearly every Bride does worry about falling over! It must be a girl thing as my lovely Bride today Emillie over in Rendlesham Suffolk was being ‘given away’ by her stunning Mum, her Mum too worried about tripping!  Please view the ‘About’ Page and share tips and solutions on any of your concerns…….

I’ll join in the chatter along the way to mention where I’ve been and what lovely things I’ve seen, also to offer any tips or advice I have picked up in my years in the Hair and Make up industry.

I hope you enjoy all getting together I am going to nickname my ‘Blog’ ‘Brides Likes…Or Gripes’ ! Enjoy…..

Best Wishes Zena

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