“New” Boudoir @ The Boutique

I am pleased to say I have at long long last joined forces with a great Photographer and we are offering a Boudoir Package that sizzles! Boudoir in our Colchester studio. Creative Hair & Make up Styling, and fully edited photos of you looking your best


Hello to all ‘I-Phone & I-Pad Users’ !!!

As my main website ‘The Boutique Wedding Hair & Make up .co.uk’ is unfortunately not compatible with all the latest in computer wizardry!!! Although It’s a very modern site packed with loads of Bridal Info and 100′s of my Brides Pictures that will hopefully give you some Ideas and Inspiration for your own Wedding day Styling so Please do visit me there once you can view from another computer screen.

It will give you the low down on myself, my background, and more importantly what I can do for you. Have a Peak at the ‘Before & After’ Gallery to really see the difference of what a Professional Hair & Make up Artist could do.

There is also a contact form to contact me directly with your date and requirements, I will e mail back as speedily as I can with a Quotation that will hopefully be of interest.

I have added some pics from my recent 2011 Weddings and some of my all time favourites……

Best Wishes Zena.

Another Sunny Wedding Weekend!!

This weekend has been busy with Weddings at Leez Priory and Parklands @Quendon.

The Lovely Weather Saturday at Leez Priory allowed my Bride Claire to marry outside beneath the Tower.

Sunday at Parklands my Bride Farrah (a stunning Asian Bride, had a Wedding with 400 guests, I couldn’t imagine the planning involved!!) again she was  lucky enough to marry outside, how amazing! Hopefully pictures to come soon….


Firstly how lucky any one getting Married this month has been with the Weat her, you probably would only hope for it to at least stay dry at this time of year… but 25 degrees is amazing!!! I hope it doesn’t mean we sacrifice a Summer of Sunshine!!!

The last fortnight has been really busy for me, one Wedding that stands out is my gorgeous Bride Sarah marrying at one of my Favourite Venues Gosfield Hall… She has chosen a classic Chignon style (styled with ‘secret’ foam blocks to maintain Height and fullness) I hope to receive some pro pictures from her to show on my website… I have attached a photo that I took though styled with three flower Hair Pins that I made for her. These are called ‘Nelly’ and can be seen on my Girls In Pearls Hair Accessory website.

Long Awaited updates!!!

It has been quite sometime!!! Apologies, I really do need to get in the swing of Blogging!! To make a start I will add info from my Trials and Pictures of Current Weddings to tell you about the lovely things I see and Beautiful venues that I go to!!!

Saturday 2nd April, I went to the pretty Dove Barn for my Bride and her sister to do their Hair styling. Caroline my Bride had a lovely side bun styled with Clip in Hair Extensions to add fullness. I call it a Red Carpet look.  Not too ‘done’ suiting soft dresses or a slightly more relaxed venues. Her sister I styled in a soft up do, with a ‘Bo Ho’ Chic plat running over the top of her Hair. I have added an Image of the Bride for you to see……

‘You learn something New!’

Big Hello and Welcome to The Boutique’s Blog!!

The first day of my Blog at The Boutique (Wedding Hair and Make up)  Hence the title of today’s as I’ m  new to all this. Let’s say I’m much more Artistic than Computer whizz, which is helpful as I am a Wedding Hair and Make up Artist!

I have deliberated the way to go and how I wanted to write my ‘Blog’ I felt I would like to not bore you and go on about me, me, me.. (Anything that you don’t find in my website on introductions that you would like to know please ask!) 

 I would like to open the ‘Blog’ out to all my ‘Brides’ and ‘Brides to be’ in a Forum style for you all to link up, corrospond, and chitter chatter about the fabulousness (or not so fabulousness?) of being or becoming a Bride. Your ‘Top tips’ can be shared and you can gain a insight into what other Brides are doing and what they are going through in an informal way that will hopefully give you some good ideas, guidance and maybe comfort that many Brides do worry about the same thing (My note, nearly every Bride does worry about falling over! It must be a girl thing as my lovely Bride today Emillie over in Rendlesham Suffolk was being ‘given away’ by her stunning Mum, her Mum too worried about tripping!  Please view the ‘About’ Page and share tips and solutions on any of your concerns…….

I’ll join in the chatter along the way to mention where I’ve been and what lovely things I’ve seen, also to offer any tips or advice I have picked up in my years in the Hair and Make up industry.

I hope you enjoy all getting together I am going to nickname my ‘Blog’ ‘Brides Likes…Or Gripes’ ! Enjoy…..

Best Wishes Zena

'All about the Bride to be'